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Louis XVI

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Sitting Room Furniture Louis XIV Style

Louis XIV Sitting Room Furniture

The Preciousness of the fabrics and the sumptousness of the braidings are exalted by the finely hand-carved out of solid wood and refined in antiqued gold foil elements.The polished antique table with pink portuguese marble harmoniously matches with the richness of the furnishings and gives further brightness to the decoration and to the golden silks of the antique living room Style.

The final result is a hymn to the elegant magnificence of the sun king's style ( louis XIV )sitting room Style )

The Sitting Rooms include the following items :

Three Seat Sofa : 205 L X 80 D X 110 H

Sitting Room Arm Chair : 87 L X 80 D X 110 H

Centeral Table With Marble Top : 110 L X 65 D X 51 H

Flower Stand : 50 L X 50 D X 120 H

Antique living room



Antique Living Room Furniture Louis XVI Style

A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Gildwood Carved Medallion Five Piece antique Living Room furniture , comprising of a settee and four armchairs.

Circa: Paris, 1870

Dimensions :

Settee Height: 48 inches

Settee Width: 75 1/2 inches

Settee Depth: 34 inches

Armchair Height: 43 1/2 inches

Armchair Width: 29 inches

Armchair Depth: 30 inches

Antique French Writing Desk Louis XIV Style





Antique French Writing desk


ca. 1685 France (Paris)


Antique office furniture Oak, pine, and walnut veneered with ebony, rosewood, and marquetry of engraved brass on tortoiseshell; gilt bronze, steel; H. 30 3/8 in. (77.2 cm), W. 41 3/4 in. (106 cm), D. 23 3/8 in. (59.4 cm)


This Antique French Writing Desk Louis XIV Style , with a folding top that opens to reveal a small writing surface, is one of the few surviving pieces commissioned for Louis XIV's personal use. It was one of a pair intended for the king's petit cabinet, a small private room in the north wing of Versailles. The decoration on the top incorporates such royal symbols as the crown, the crossed L monogram, and the mask of Apollo, the sun god to whom Louis XIV likened himself. The four corners display openwork fleurs-de-lis, symbolizing the French monarchy, with lyres, the musical instrument of Apollo, between them.

Reproduction Furniture Regence Parisian chair

Reproduction Furniture Antique Regence Gautier Chair

circa 1725-1730.

Regence Parisian chair with the GAUTIER stamp

Dimensions : 95 h x 52 w x 45 d cm.

The charm and elegance of this reproduction furniture chair lie in the fine Rocaille carving, the perfect curves of the front legs and the rare horseshoe-shaped design of the seat. The back legs are formed on a single plane, with scrolled feet, strongly inspired by Louis XIV style, also reproduced on the rare works by Jean Gourdin . A fine Rocaille chair of this type belonged to the Baronness de Caix, at the Chateau du Hameau-Fleuri - France.

The Gautier stamp may belong to François Gautier, a pre-1730 master of Rue de Clery, or to Jacques-Alexis, assumed to be his son, who lived at "La Croix d’Or" in the same street. A rare stamp, as there was very little marking before 1743.

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Louis XVI

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Jacques Jean Baptiste Tilliard Settee


Stamped Jacques Jean Baptiste Tilliard Settee

Circa : 1770 - 1775

Style : Louis XVI

Country of Origin : France , Paris

Material used : Gilded beech and walnut; modern silk velvet upholstery

Louis XVI Chairs came in a variety of shapes and sizes in eighteenth-century France, with carving frequently matching that on other pieces of furniture such as Italian Console and Mirror , settees, French mirrors, or the wood paneling. By the 1700s two types of chairs had developed for formal and more relaxed seating arrangements. Chaises furnishing chairs were designed without carving on their backs and were arranged symmetrically against the wall around the sides of a room. Chaises - running chairs could be moved around a room and were designed to be seen from all sides.

This set of antique living rooms consist of  four antique French chairs and a settee ( 3 seat sofa ) was designed to be arranged against a wall. The antique wooden frames are fairly massive, yet the carving of the decorative elements is extremely fine. The decoration incorporates such Neoclassical motifs as crisp acanthus leaves, egg-and-dart molding, and straight, fluted legs.

French Children's Furniture from Best Manufacturers

This classic children's furniture allows you to organize the child's personal space comfortable as possible. Moreover, It combines all the best in convenience, safety, environmental friendliness. different in style and character. In collection above you will find french bed designed for a child the cane gives the model a unique style and features beds in Louis XVI Style period . The chair drawing patterns combines the classical taste of the model and modern style which will make child more comfortable and accept the old reproduction design.

Bar Cabinet in Luis XVI StyleThe ivory and gold lacquering of the Luis XVI style

bar cabinet is enriched by green details and precious decorations in antiqued gold foil.

Louis XV Bergère Created For A Decorator Magazine

Antique Louis XV Bergère

A striking patchwork Louis XV bergère created for a decorator magazine, juxtaposing a witty medley of remnants on a wood-framed Louis XV chair.

Furniture Antiques Louis XVI Caned Chair

French Furniture Antiques Louis XVI Caned Chair


Louis XVI chair caned a la d’Artois, circa 1775-1780.


Dimensions : 93 h x 48 w x 44 d cm.


Original : collection of an antiquarian in Namur (Belgium).


This very fine French Antiques Furniture model with its circular seat and medallion chair back comes from the first Paris chairs in the Louis XVI style. The fine carving of the arched rail, the acanthus at the ends of the turned legs, and the ribbon around the splat decorate this model very happily. The size of the knot of ribbon, which was very fashionable at that time, bears witness to the emergence of the Louis XVI style Caned Chair while adding a great deal of charm. The proportions of the tapering of the legs are excellent. The en cabriolet shape of the splat provides good support for the user’s back.

Reproduction Furniture Louis XVI Bed Bench

Antique Reproduction Louis XVI Bed Bench


Louis XVI Bed Bench.


Dimensions : 42 h x 140 w x 40 d cm.


Six-legged antique banquette from the end of the French 19th Century, inspired by a Louis XVI Furniture model. The hand-carving of the tracery round the rail parts at the centre, dividing off towards the left and right. Suitable for decorative and bedrooms, salons and corridors use, this banquette is a highly prized seat for all periods.

Antique Furniture Louis XVI medallion armchair


Antique Furniture Louis XVI Noeud Armchair


Louis XVI medallion armchair, circa 1775-1780.


Dimensions : 97 h x 61 w x 52 d cm.


This Antique Louis XVI armchair is slightly different from the previous one, but has sufficient similarities for them to be well-matched. The proportions are slightly different, but the carving is very similar, although it has rather more beads and a rosette at the centre of the rail. The arm-rests are again in a Louis XV chair "assagi" style, but the armchair itself is constructed a la d’Artois.


The high seat makes it suitable for use at antique furniture table

Antique Furniture Louis XVI Shield Backed Chair


Antique French Louis XVI Poirier Cabriolet Armchair


Armchair by Philippe Poirier,


circa 1777.


Dimensions : 88 h x 58 w x 52 d cm.


Original : private 18th Century town house in Normandy (France).


This rare Louis XVI chair from the master of the Rue de Clery (under the sign "au Poirier") is a very well-balanced example of the early Louis XVI style. The arm rests are still of Louis XV design, and the intentionally sometimes lightweight carving by one of the greatest enthusiasts of Greek-style formalism. Traceries, piastres, rosettes, acanthus leaves, water lilies, raies de cœur form carvings which are very happily arranged (even on the reverse of the back rail).

Also note the foliage leg ends, the attachment of the arm rest to the back, the carving at the top of the back and on the ends of the arm rests of antique french furniture. The seats by these masters are in the Louvre.

Louis XVI Rhine valley Armchair

Antique Furniture Louis XVI Rhine valley Armchair

Circa 1785 - 1790.

Dimensions of the antique armchair : 97 H x 60,5 W x 47 D cm.

Original : Private collection, Eastern Belgium.

These eminent pieces offer up an integrity for elegant dining. The straight form is well presented but punctuated with delicate curves at the armrests and a classical Furniture disposition expressed in the wood portraying a certain sober quality.

The fluting, garlands of laurels, vases and lamps are all representative of classical styling Chair that underlines this agreeable frame, easy to place in a large number of décors.

Louis XVI Colonne Chair

Reproduction Furniture Louis XVI Colonne Chair


Chair with small pillars


circa 1790.


Dimensions : 91.5 h x 44 w x 39.5 d cm.


Original : private collection, Norman manor-house (France).


A lighter version of the chairs with detached columns, in other words with a tableau back ornamented between the uprights with columns, this model is also known as "cathedral" due to the design of the back. The moulding and the fluted, covered legs come from the repertoire of the late Louis XVI style chair; the ends of the stiles, the low rosettes on the knees and the flat fretels decorating the tops of the columns should also be noted.


This antique French furniture model is the exact copy of a pair of chairs belonging to in a Norman manor-house.

Anitque Living Room Louis XVI Style




I' m posting an email from Felita Hil one from our blog readers regarding here Reproduction antique living room louis xvi style

"I saw some furniture similar to some I have here at home. I wandered if you would know what type of furniture this is, how much it may be woth, or how I could find out. If you can help me or if you buy this type of furniture please let me know. I have attached photos for your review"

so if any one interested to buy this antique living room furniture Leave your comment

Carved Gilt Wood Console Table From The 19th Century

Antique Furniture Louis XVI style console table

Provenance : Château Ribeaucourt ; private collection.

Antique Console Table Dimensions : H: 90.00 CM W : 188.00 CM D: 61.00 CM Important and superb carved gilt wood Louis XVI style console table . The Elegance of this antique conosole table comes from the Parisian work of the middle of the 19th century antique furniture with finely executed sculptural antique furniture details and mat and brilliant gilding.

Louis XVI Medallion Bergere

Antique French Louis XVI Style medallion bergere


circa 1780.


Dimensions : 100 h x 72 w x 66 d cm.


Original : Belgian antiquarian.


this comfortable Louis XVI bergere, almost a la d’Artois, typical of the early antique furniture style and presenting elements of great quality in both the carving and the construction. The important knot of ribbon carved in reserve, the twisted ribbon, the deep fluting, the wide knees decorated with rosettes and the arm-rest support carved on the hollowed moulding with a fine acanthus leaf.


The original of this very fine bergere is reminiscent of certain models by Jean-Baptiste III Lelarge, and another by G. Jacob sold in Paris in 1989.

Louis XVI Cane Chair


Antique Furniture Louis XVI Cane Ruban Chair

circa 1778- 1780.

Cane backed Louis XVI chair

Dimensions : 94 h x 53 w x 44 d cm.

The forms of the back and the seat, the design of the mouldings, the arrangements of the fluting and the sculpted ribbon tell us that this Paris chair comes to us from the early Louis XVI style, but, oddly enough, this piece of antique furniture a little before the exploits of the de Montgolfier brothers (1783). The rounded knees are also a sign of quality, and are said to originate from the wishes of Louis XVI who is said not to have wanted corners he might bump into.

Louis XVI Poirier Cabriolet Armchair

Antique French Louis XVI Poirier Cabriolet Armchair


Armchair by Philippe Poirier,


circa 1777.


Dimensions : 88 h x 58 w x 52 d cm.


Original : private 18th Century town house in Normandy (France).


This rare Louis XVI chair from the master of the Rue de Clery (under the sign "au Poirier") is a very well-balanced example of the early Louis XVI style. The arm rests are still of Louis XV design, and the intentionally sometimes lightweight carving by one of the greatest enthusiasts of Greek-style formalism. Traceries, piastres, rosettes, acanthus leaves, water lilies, raies de cœur form carvings which are very happily arranged (even on the reverse of the back rail).

Also note the foliage leg ends, the attachment of the arm rest to the back, the carving at the top of the back and on the ends of the arm rests of antique french furniture. The seats by these masters are in the Louvre.

Antique Furniture French Chair Ready For The Wedding

Antique French Chair Ready For The Wedding


With silver, gems, and paillettes, this antique french furniture chair is dressed in her party best. White patina and white linen upholstery make her ready for the wedding.

Antique Cabriolet Armchair

Antique Cabriolet Armchair Louis XVI Style By Jean Baptiste Sene

Circa 1780.

Dimensions of Antique Cabriolet Armchair : 92 h x 62 w x 52 d cm.

Antique ArmChair height : 41 cm.

This Antique Cabriolet Armchair enchantingly beautiful armchair of the Louis XVI era is the manifestation of the talent of Jean-Baptiste Sené, who, like his congenerates Boulard, Jacob and to a lesser extent Tillard, has been able to propose this grace bordering to Mannerism, however, tempered by the force of the simple and pure lines.

The rich décor please also view antique Italian Living room, culminating in a laurel crown, runs via measured lines and is superbly drawn : “rais de coeur”, acanthus leaves, laurel, spirals and other decorations come together to create a virtuous concert. Without, however, reminding us of the heavy and artificial pompousness of the Versailles court like antique table and always remaining a harmonious chair that is certain of its beauty.

One can without hesitation classify this chair among the delicate and luxurious chairs like antique italian chair of its time.

Antique Louis XVI Musician Chair


Antique Louis XVI Musician Lyre Chair


circa 1785.


Antique Louis XVI Musician chair en cabriolet with lyre motif,


Dimensions of Louis XVI Musician Chair : 90 h x 42 w x 42 d cm.


Original : Belgian provincial chateau.


The narrow Louis XVI Musician Chair dimensions make this charming, comfortable French chair with the lyre motif on the back remind one of musicians chairs. This Antique Armchair Furniture can be a bonus for certain furniture arrangements. The wide, deep moulding, the square tapered legs and a certain charming naivety in the carving are reminiscent of a model from the South of France, although we can find vintage french chairs in this vein in both Paris and the provinces.

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Russian Style

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Classic Office Furniture Russian style

Classic office in solid wood expression of the early 19the century Russian Style. An Aristocratic elegance , refined by hand - made carvings and multi wood veins inlays mother of pearl details.The classic Baroque style spirals with flowers details finished in antiqued gold foil with French patina finely decorate the desk , the armchair and the wall panels see also " English office room " and " Italian office furniture " .The black leather swivel chair gives further importance to the room and its carved profiles harmoniously match with golden finishing of this best study room to buy.

    Swarovski Bedroom Furniture

Swarovski Crystal buttons give a unique look and an extremely Elegance touch to this Italian Bedroom Furniture set which include Italian bed , antique stool , dresser and commode ( night table ) all these items are decorated with Swarovski home decor crystal .

   Swarovski Home Decor Furniture




Swarovski Crystal Decorated Home Decor Living Room Furniture


The detail of the buttons of living room in Swarovski Crystal complete the elegance of Swarovski living furniture home decor which include 3 seat sofa , 2 seat sofa , Antique armchair , Center lamp , Lamp Table , Antique Console and Antique console Mirror , All these items are decorated with Swarovski Crystal Buttons,





       Italian Office furniture in Russian Style



Italian Office furniture Russian Style in solid mahogany wood ,expression of early 19th century 


severe important and at the same time refined and aristocratic , it represents culture of the period of translated and experienced in the furnishing of the rich buildings.


hand carved and finely inlaid with different wood veneers on exotic mahogany base. The splendid exotic mahogany used for boiserie paneling represents the best of the material used in the antique reproduction of the environment .



The calss of the decors in the brushed silver leaf makes the sober and serious style of this model appealing and harmonic see also Italian dining room furniture and Italian Sofa set Furniture

Antique Italian Reproduction Russian Style Furniture office Include :



Italian Desk with Leather Top : 200 Length x 100 Depth x 75 Hight



Italian Computer Cabinet With Leather Top : 95 Length x 60 Depth x 78 Hight


Italian Swivel Leather Armchair : 75 Length x 75 Depth x 120 Hight


Antique Italian chair : 65 Length x 68 Depth x 105 Hight


Italian Bookcase : 240 Length x 50 Depth x 230 High



Italian Small Table : 55 Length x 55 Depth x 45 Hight


Italian 1 SQMT Mahogany Boiserie Panel

       Antique Russian Table





Antique Russian Emperial Style Table


Circa: 20th Century


Dimensions of Antique Russian Table : Height: (85 cm) Diameter: (1.09 cm)


Antique Russian Emperial Style Figural Gilt-Bronze and Malachite Mounted Table de Milieu, with figures of winged lions, accanthus leave and wreaths. This Antique Russian Table is one of the finest original first reproductions made in the mid 50's early 60's

    Antique Armchair Russian Furniture



Russian Armchair


Circa 1810.


Dimensions : 89 H x 63.5 W x 49.5 D cm.


Drawing-room height.


Original : Private collection, Doctor T.


This lovely “à la reine” drawing-room Russian chair reminds of a fairly widespread style in Europe at the beginning of the XIX th century. The classical forms inspired by the Etruscan, Roman or Egyptian antiquity differ from that period by arms ending in caryatids, linked to the armrest itself by a double jointing hidden in an elegant foliage. Sabre rear legs are topped by a rare and carved high crossbar. The front leg ends naturally with a feline paw. The sober architecture is adorned with a skilful disposition of laurels, rosettes and foliages referring to the European standards of that period.

If you would like to buy these elegant furniture.Please send email direct to my email at : [email protected]

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Spanish Style

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Spanish decorating Bedoom Style

 Spanish Decorating Sofa Style 

To create an unique and personal space is the greatest wish and the effort of interior designer working in Spanish style decorating with a long experience and dedications to their job they can bring our any decorating Spanish style ideas see also Spanish dining room . the collections of furniture in the style offers the opportunity to own exclusive Spanish decorating idea

    Spanish bedroom furniture Set



Bedroom Furniture Sets Walnut in Spanish Style


This Spanish bedroom sets is very similar to Spanish dining room the surface is covered with marquetry and the frames from European beech wood the reproduction bedroom sets include the following items :


Spanish Walnut Bed : 131 x 198 x 219 cm


Spanish Nightstand : 60 x 57 x 73 cm


Spanish Wardrobe : 120 x 71 x 47 cm

      Spanish Walnut Dinning Room



Walnut Dining Room Style Spanish


The wealth of details of this elegance Spanish dining room expressed by rare hand-inlaid using many different kinds of wood veneers . The ornamental details of the Spanish dining room carved classic style furniture in the solid wood the frames of the antique dining room are made of European beech wood. also the surface is covered with the finest Marquetry

The Spanish Dining Room Include the following items :


SPANISH WALNUT TABLE 175 DIAMETER Measurements :75 x 175 Ø


SPANISH WALNUT ELLIPTICAL TABLE – 360 Measurements : 75 x 360 x 205


SPANISH WALNUT GLASS CASE 3 DOORS Measurements : 200 x 178 x 47


SPANISH WALNUT GLASS CASE 2 DOORS Measurements : 200 x 120 x 45


SPANISH WALNUT SIDEBOARD – 250 Measurements : 89 x 250 x 54


SPANISH SIDEBOARD – 180 Measurements : 89 x 180 x 52


SPANISH WALNUT MIRROR – 250 Measurements :130 x 250 x 8


SPANISH CHAIR Measurements :106 x 51 x 58


SPANISH ARMCHAIR Measurements :106 x 60 x 62


SMALL SPANISH WALNUT T.V. FURNITURE Measurements :80 x 80 x 55

If you would like to buy these elegant furniture.Please send email direct to my email at : [email protected]

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Rococo Style

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Rococo Bedroom Furniture with Rich Carvings of the mid 18th century


a unique antique bedroom furniture , result of the refined matching between the precious finishings of the mid 18th century Lombard Italian baroque and the Rococo Bedroom ( 1740 - 1775 ) The rich carvings and the precious olive briarwood of the beside tables and of the chest of drawers crown the magnificence of the bedroom , whose heart is the splendid bed head with golden and turquoise silks.




This Rococo bedroom Sets include the following items :


Rococo Bed : 235 L x 13 D x 180 H


Rococo Orthopedical Spring : 195 L x 190 D x 35 H


Rococo Orthopedical Mattress : 195 L x 190 D x 18 H


Rococo Beside Table: 55 L x 42 D x 75 H


Chest of Drawers with Mirror : 145 L x 60 D x 90 + 110 H

    Italian Bedroom In Rococo Style mid 18th Century



The typical 18th-cent sumptuousness made delicate and refined by the elegant solid wood hand carved by skilful artists and the delicate multi- wood veneers inlaid with mother-of-pearl details.


The use of the baroque spiral with flower detail finished in antiqued gold leaf with french patina giver that regal touch so typical of this historical period .


This Italian Bedroom Rococo Style include :


Bed with Baldachin and Curtains : 242 L x 238 D x 255 H


Orthpedical spring : 215 L x 205 D x 35 H


Orthpedical Mattress : 215 L x 205 D x 25 H


Italian Bed cover : 1.5 meter fabric


Decorative Cushion : 1.5 meter fabric


Dressing Table (Antique Italian Table) : 198 L x 55 D x 78


Mirror ( Antique Mirror ) : 185 L x 100 H

 Small Armchair ( Italian Armchair ) : 70 L x 62 D x 110 H

 The rich drapes of this antique Italian bedroom Furniture are hand-made with precious silks and elegant braiding see also Italian office furniture , Italian classic dining Room , and Italian sofa Set antique furniture.

French Antique Bedroom


French Antique Furniture Bed Room

French Corbeille Double bed in a silk Jaquard weave with matching chair. Gilded antique Rococo style mirrors and a bespoke transition style shabby chic French armoire in Blue Grey with Lime White highlights.

      Antique Rococo Chair




Antique Furniture Rococo Chair


Dimensions : 103 h x 55 w x 51.5 d cm.


During the Rococo period, furniture was lighthearted. The idea of Rococo furniture had evolved to a symbol of status and took on a role in comfort and versatility. Furniture could be easily moved around for gatherings, and many specialized forms came to be such as the fauteuil chair, the voyeuse chair, and the antique bergere en gondola. Changes in design of these french chairs ranges from cushioned detached arms, lengthening of the cushioned back and a loose seat cushion


The tendency towards Rocaille carving and the Regence Chair taste reigning in Europe due to the influence of the antique french furniture high style can be seen in the carving of the rails, but this very french chair is totally loyal to the magnificent french style which makes it so up-to-date. The legs, carved with claws, are superb . In its tapestry upholstered version, the additional comfort makes the carving slightly less noticeable on this great comfortable chair.

      Bar Cabinet InRococo Dtyle 1750

The finishing of the entirely hand carved details of bar cabinet in Rococo style in walnut covered with antiqued silver

If you would like to buy these elegant furniture.Please send email direct to my email at : [email protected]

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Transition style

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         Classic Living Room Decor


The decor of classic Style living room features heavy carving on massive Plantation solid wood frames with a walnut finish enriched with gold leaf finishing


Classic 3-Seat Sofa : 81" wide x 35" deep x 46" high

Classic Loveseat : 57" wide x 35" deep x 46" high


Classic Arm Chair : 34" wide x 35" deep x 41" high

Classic Center Table : 49" long x 32" wide x 21" high

Classic End Table : 22" round x 24" h


This classic living room is made of solid woods and Each piece is masterfully carved and finished. You will find that romantic styling has been given a high priority and is made to give years of enjoyment

Decorated Loung Furniture Seating Sofa


Lacquered decorated Lounge,expression of Louis And Rococo Style transition (1750-1770)


All the details are finely hand – carved out of solid wood and set inlays and decorations of supreme perfection and refinement.


The precious ivory lacquering with French patina, enriched with antiqued gold leaf foil finishing, frames the fine elegance of the golden and purple silks.


The antique table with pink Portuguese marble completes the refined style of this model.


This lounge furniture sofa includes the following items:


Three seat sofa: 200 L x 80 D x 110 H


Armchair: 82 L x 80 D x 110 H


Flower Stand: 50 L x 50 D x 115 H


Central table with marble top : 110 L x 65 D x 51 H

Royal Bedroom Furniture


This Royal Bedroom furniture include Canopy matching the finish of curtains different items like headboard and decorations are finished and lacquered with antique gold leaf finish 24 Kt Gold the royal bedroom include the following items :


Royal Bed King Size : 97"L x 86"W x 96"H


Royal Beside Tables : 28"L x 20"W x 25"H


Dresser : 73"L x 24" W x 31"H


Royal Mirror : 49"L x 3"W x 60"H


Antique Stool : Ø16" x 18H


Standing Mirror : 60"L x 25" W x 99"H


Royal Tables and Chairs : 42"L x 30"W x 30"H

TV Armoire : 72''L x 34"W x 93"H


Royal Console and Mirror : 90.2"W x 19.2"H x 30.5"H 46"W x 4"D x 51"H

Transition Style Chair,Armchair,Bergerg Stamped Bovo



Antique Bovo Chair , Armchair and Bergere Transition Style


Antique Reproduction Chair in "transition" style stamped Bovo



Dimensions: 92 H *52 W * 46 D cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Original: Private collection in Paris



This Transition Style chair is of a superior quality and shows, without any doubt, that it was associated with other elements such as couches, fire-screens and footstools.


Antique Reproduction Armchair in "transition" style stamped Bovo


Dimensions: 91 H * 59 W * 51 D cm


Seat height: 42 cm


Original: Private collection Paris


Integrated in the rare and beautiful cabriolet suite of the "transition" era, this very nice armchair exposes the same design, at one time with curved lines, at another time with straight lines of a style that skillfully reconciliates the extremes and embellishments of classical motifs hereby giving them grace and balance.


Antique Reproduction Bergere in "transition" style stamped Bovo


Dimensions: 91 H * 63 W * 55 D cm


Seat Height: 43 cm


Private collection in Paris


This remarkable bergère that is part of a suite stamped BOVO, combines the audacity of converging curves of the end of the XV style to the more discreet straightness of an early, more classical Louis XVI style.


This happy communion gives an irresistable charm to this very well balanced work.


Remarkable is the rare particularity of upholstery of the sides only on the outside of the armrests. This exceptional detail of this antique furniture reproduction can also be found on another bergère of the same author, however, less inventive, in the castle auvergnat d'Aulteribe (national historical monument of France) .


The bold curves of the Louis XV Armchair elements are balanced by the straight shafted Louis XVI Chair legs and an almost straight horizontal rail . The ensemble is ornamented with neo-classical motifs : acanthus leaves, pearls, intertwining leaves, leaved legs, fluting, rails with laurel and fruit designs, rosettes in the shape of a sunflower.


Each element of this almost gracile suite shows an undeniable balance, an extraordinary grace and a not often seen mastership of style.

If you would like to buy these elegant furniture.Please send email direct to my email at : [email protected]

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Miss Jenny

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Victorian Style

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Sofa Set In Victorian Style

Wholly hand carved sofa set in Victorian style out from solid wood . The Victorian Salon Furniture is enriched with gold foil details The splendid fabrics match the bright blue of the velvet with the precious material of the back realized with metail particles and refined in the middle with a swarovski decor crystal. The small table in ferrarese walnut briarwood is lightly inlaid with several kind of essences in color polychromy the Victorian Salon " see also Victorian Bed room and Victorian and French Provincial furniture " Include three seat Victorian Style sofa , Two Victorian Armchairs ,one center table and one beside Victorian style Table.

    Antique Victorian Chiffonier




Antique Victorian Chiffonier Regency Chiffonier


ca 1870


Dimensions of antique victorian chiffonier : H: 152 cm W :133cm d:43cm


This beautiful antique Victorian rosewood chiffonier has a beautiful scrolled carved back above a serpentine shaped top. The piece has canted corners with beautiful scrolled carved corbels and two cupboard doors with arched panels. The interior has one removable shelf and the piece stands on a serpentine shaped base. The piece is a rich dark rosewood colour with a striking grain, good patina, is in very good condition and has been beautifully cleaned using a traditional form of wax finishing.

Victorian & French Provincial Furniture





Antique Victorian and French Provincial Furniture


Carving for the master moulds of Antique Victorian Furniture and French Provincial Furniture were actually done in Italy by hand, using age-old skill and artistry. You will be amazed at the intricacy of the carving design styles used on this furniture. This process results in a strong durable piece of furniture that is manufactured using this modern system of fabrication to reproduce these elegant reproduction antique furniture designs. All items have a distressed antiqued appearance that will vary from piece to piece.

Antique Victorian Bedroom Set


Antique Victorian Bed Room

The flourishing of private wealth in 14th century Italy produced the rich development in art and culture that we know today as the Renaissance. In interior design, highly decorative painting and contrasts of color marked this period.


Queen Bed Dimensions : W79" D88 ½" H65 ¼"


This Antique Victorian bed room Crafted with hardwood veneers on hardwood solids, each product in this beautiful ensemble is heavy, sturdy and durable. Following assembly, each piece becomes a canvas for skilled artists. The Tuscany at night collection features a coffee-black finish, framing a rich brown panel. The result is a breathtakingly warm and inviting collection that is we

Original Royal Living Room in Victorian Style

This living room enriched with a lot of carving details in gold leaf finish see also ” Royal Throne Armchair ” , the heavy carving reflect Victorian style period . Red fabric used in upholstery add to the room a modern style , the decoration mix the old classic interior design and new look which set up the charming of the interior. Other features in the room include the red carpet and Italian chandelier.

The complete capitone Living room set include the following :

three Seat Sofa


Arm Chair

Center Table

End Table

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European Style

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    Wall Unit Furniture Design

This wall unit furniture design Idea is made of imported maplewood. Palms of olive wood with inlaid work. Walnut colored polishing. Background hand painted, lacquer finished polyurethane. Handles are made of solid bronze.


Classic Living Room European Design Set


All The element in this classic living room are set decorations of highly perfection the , The elaborate profiles are antiqued with silver and gold foil finishing see also European living room furniture , empire living room , Italian living room and classic living room decor perfectly frame the silk and the small center table with glass top and the antique chaise lounge completes the model.





The Classic Living Room Furniture Design Sets include the following items :


Classic 3 Seat Sofa : 93"W x 41"D x 41"H

Classic 2 Seat Sofa : 72"W x 41"D x 41"H

Classic Arm Chair : 49"W x 41"D x 40"H

Classic Square Center Table : 47"W x 47"D x20"H

Classic Long Center Table : 47"W x 32"D x 20"H

European Living Room Furniture Set


A new Level Standard of living room . Inspired from European Neo-Classical see also Italian living room and Italian Neo-Classic dining room , This European sofa set is characterized by it's combination of silver and teak which gives this grand collection it's own unique Elegance.




The European Living Room furniture Sets include the following item :


3-Seat Sofa : 102" wide x 38" deep x 40" high

Love seat : 79" wide x 38" deep x 40" high

Center Table: 47" wide x 47" deep x 19" high

European Antique Wood Casket - Mother Of Pearl





Antique European Wood Casket - Mother of Pearl


Circa : 1680 - 1690

Country of origin : Germany

Dimensions : H: 5 1/8 x W: 1 ft. 5/8 in. x D: 10 1/8 in.

Material Used : Rosewood veneered with brass,, copper,


The bronze marquetry scene decorating the top of this antique European wood casket shows the goddess Venus attended by four putti. One brushes her hair, second catch an antique mirror, a third ties her sandal, and a fourth offers her a jewel or an earring from antique chest. Around the two sides, sleeping putti recline on rocks surrounded by birds and flowering trees.


This antique decoration reflects the mother-of-pearl's original function, to hold articles for use in a woman's toilette. It would have sat on a dressing table with other boxes of various shapes and sizes, possibly holding such objects as combs, brushes, and ribbons.

     Antique Furniture Louis XVI Gustavian Sweden Chair


Gustavian chair, circa 1780.


Dimensions : 91 h x 49 w x 40 d cm.


Original : private collection, chateau in the Namur area (Belgium).


This antique Louis XVI chair was produced in Sweden around 1780. The special charm of this very simple European chair , but not simplistic, model counterbalances the sturdiness of the whole, accentuated by the H-shaped stretche

     Antique European Chair



Antique Chair European Style


Circa 1950


Origin : Denmark


Provenance : private collection, Amsterdam , Antique Furniture Reproduction


Dimensions Antique European Chair : 84 H x 48 W x 41 D cm.


Seat height : 46 cm.


the wooden frames of Antique European Chair put on their unique dresses and reinvent History.Reflecting echos from a new Present.One stitch forward or one stitch backward, sawing or overcasting, she flies over the materials, matches coulours, underlines the shapes of seats then disappears not without leaving her prints...

European ArmChair


Antique European Armchair


ca. 1828


Karl Friedrich Schinkel (German, 1781–1841)


Dimensions of European antique armchair : H.90.2 cm, W. 61.6 cm, D. 59.1 cm.


This Antique European armchair is reproduction furniture from a set of ten (eight armchairs and two sofas) designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1828 for the Marble or Reception Room in the Prinz Karl Palais in Berlin. Schinkel, the leading German architect and designer of the early nineteenth century, based the model on a Roman chair in a Herculaneum wall painting, engraved in the Antichità de Ercolano. The upholstery is a modern recreation after the original drawing by Schinkel preserved in the Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin.

Antque Table European Style



Antique Furniture Table European Style , 1834


Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Berlin; Possibly designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel (German, 1781–1841); Decorator: August von Kloeber (German, 1793–1864) Hard-paste porcelain and gilt bronze;


Dimensions : H. (90 cm), Diam. (79 cm)


Impressed on the inside of the rosette, under glaze: 16; incised on opposite sides of the acanthus column, on the top: X II


This Antique European style table is described in detail in the privy purse accounts of Friedrich William III of Prussia (1770–1840) as a gift from the king to Grand Duchess Helena Pavlovna of Russia (1806–1873) on June 1, 1835. The salon of her residence, the Mikhail Palace, which now houses the State Russian Museum, was one of the cultural centers of Saint Petersburg. Helena was a vocal advocate for abolishing serfdom, setting a courageous example on her own estates. The Antique table is made entirely of porcelain with the exception of the gilt-metal rim of the top and the triangular base supporting the legs. It is the spectacular result of the new production and color technology that were developed after 1832 at the Berlin Porcelain Manufactory to attract royal patronage.

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Empire Style

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French Empire Dinning Room

Complete Set Of French Empire Dinning Room

This Set of French Empire dining room is Elegance in wood carving and craftsmanship. Solid brass and gold foil highlight this incredible collection it includes empire dining table , buffet , buffet mirror , French empire chair , Vitrine and empire armchair.

        Empire Style Bedroom Set



Antique Classic Reproduction Bedroom furniture set inspired by the Late Empire Style . Made from cherry wood veneers and bronze work finished in artisan French gold.


Empire Bedroom Furniture Set include the following items :


Empire King Size Bed : 87" W x 48" H x 101" L


Empire Panel : 153"W x 4"D x 97"H


Empire Bed Side Tables : 24" W x 18" D x 29" H


Empire Bench : 77”W x 28”D x 28”H


Empire 10 Drawer Dresser : 63" W x 22" D x 35" H

Empire Dresser Mirror : 49" W x 38" H

Empire Dressing Table : 59"W x 20"D x 35"H

French Empire Stool : 18"W x 13"D x 19"H


Empire TV cabinet : 53"W x 24"D x 80"H


Empire 6 drawer cabinet : 32"W x 19"D x 48"H


Empire table lamps : 19"W x 13"D x 30"H

Empire dressing mirror : 31"W x 12"D x75"H

Empire low flower stand: 14"W x 14"D x 28"H

 Empire Style Antique Furniture Chairs (1804-1815)



Empire chairs (1804-1815)



The reign of Napoleon I was short but it gave a boost to the economy. Bonaparte surrounded himself with great architects and artisans. Décor was predominantly in the classical Greco-Roman or the Egyptian style and symmetry was emphasised. Wood was complemented by bronze inlays (palms and palm-leaves, rosettes, stars, laurel-wreaths). The style was austere, but not without splendour.


Functional shapes, circles, squares and rectangles, were appropriate to the fashions in clothing. Chairs were heavy, with scarcely-curving backs. X-shaped folding stools reappeared. New designs included the gondola chair with its scrolled back ; the « Paumier » or chimney-corner chair, an angled armchair ; and the Récamier day-bed intended for resting.


Georges Jacob and his descendants remained prominent, alongside Bellangé and Marcion. Sphinxes, gryphons, caryatids, lion-heads and dolphins evoked classical antiquity. Polished mahogany, picked out in gold leaf, was in use until the blockade of 1806 against England and the ban on the import of Central American woods. Springs made their first appearance in upholstery , which became very sophisticated. The silk-weaver’s art reached its peak. Fabrics were adorned with motifs suggesting the Empire (capital Ns, eagles, daggers,…;).

              Antique French Chanderlier Empire Style





Antique French Empire Style Chandelier Patinated Bronze


Circa , 1890


Dimensions of antique french chandelier : Height: 30-1/2" Diameter: 26"


Country - France


Material - Bronze, Gilt Bronze, Patinated Bronze


this antique French Empire Chandelier from 19th Century. Nine Light fixture made of Gilt Bronze, Bronze and Patinated Bronze.

Antique French Console Empire Style




French Empire Gildwood Carved Console Table


the "D" shaped top raised by a pair of sitting winged sphinxes with notched corners over a conforming frieze centered by a pierced carved Satyr's mask with foliate swags above a mirrored trefoil backboard centered by a flowering urn adorned by chimera, raised on a shaped base, fitted with a Verde d'alps marble top.


Antique Consoles Circa: Paris, 1870

Dimensions : Height: (99 cm) Width: (122 cm) Depth:(57 cm)

     Antique French Empire Chair


Antique Empire chair


circa 1805-1810.

Dimensions : 95 h x 50 w x 43 d cm.

Seat height : 47 cm.


This pure Antique French Empire chair, with a powerful yet not heavy look, is typical for the taste of the early 19th century which is inspired by the Etruscan style and furthermore and mainly by the discoveries of Napoleon in the Egyptian expeditions. Firmly balanced on the back legs in the shape of sabres, this chair offers us turned front legs with ornamented extremities in the shape of stylised lotus leaves. This motif is repeated in the extremities and middle of the

horizontal lictor bundles that cover the backrest. The simple and refined moulding that runs along the rails is deliberately simple and does not tarnish the reputation

of the author. We notice in the same way the wanted simplicity of the joints.


Finished, be it painted, be it in waxed mahogany, she possesses inventory numbers in the interior of the rails of the original model which proves the official origin. It could be attributed to Bellangé, Marcion or Jacob- Desmalter.

       Empire Chair And ArmChair


Empire Style chair, circa 1810-1815.

Dimensions : 95 h x 52 w x 46 d cm.


This chair is typical of the Empire period in its water lilies in the form of rolled lotus leaves punctuating the ends of the slightly curved cresting rail. Below, the splat is sculpted with Empire rosettes and a sheaf of bound laurels. Its generous dimensions give it strength while its studied forms give it its elegance.



Empire Style Armchair, circa 1810-1815.


Dimensions : 95 h x 58 w x 52 d cm.


Of the same model as the previous chair, this armchair has all its qualities and generosity. It differs in its arm-rests, which very prettily continue the line of their curved supports, and are ornamented with a very fine sculpture of stylized lotus leaves.



Empire Stye Seat

A Suite of Empire style enriched with gilt bronze mounted that greatly matched the colors of the fabric , this mahogany seat furniture made in the 20th century with the Egyptian chair Revival taste

Empire Style French Console


French Empire console


This French empire console expression of the French style period between 1800 and 1815 decorated with brass and finished in French Patina


The Empire Console include these items :


Empire Console : 54"W x 32"H x 18" D


Empire Mirror : 49"W x 39"H


you can explore empire style models like empire living room , empire bedroom , empire antique chair in these models you will notice that Egyptian style furniture is emphasized in symmetry and the wood complemented by brass

Empire Living Room Furniture



Empire style living room finished with brass decoration and walnut color

    The french living room include the following items :


Empire 3 Seat Sofa : 38" H x 82" W x 33" D


Empire 2 Seat Sofa : 38" H x 67" W x 33" D

Empire Arm Chair : 38" H x 46" W x 33" D


mpire Center Table : 20" H x 58" L x 37" W

Empire Lamp Table : 25" H x 28" L x 20" W




Empire Couch : 81.5”W x 24.4”D x 34.3”H

Empire Partition Cabinet : 54.4”W x 16.1”D x 83.1”H

Empire High Floor Cabinet : 74.8”W x 22.8”D x 30.7”H

Empire Table Lamp : 18.9''W x 12.6"D x 29.5"H

Empire Floor Lamp : Ø20.8" x 71.3"H

Empire Flower Stand : 14.2"W x 14.2"D x 39"H

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Louis XV Style

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Yellow Chest Of Drawers in Louis XV Style



French Louis xv style chest of drawers painted with  yellow patina and enriched with bronze in silver dark look , the chest has two drawers with brass hands .It is amazing piece and antiqued with special care of details so it looks like antique.

      Classic Sofa Set In Baroque Style Louis XV Period


All the elements of the classical sofa set are finely hand - carved our from solid wood and set decorations of supreme perfection.


The Elaborate profiles with antiqued gold foil finishing elegantly frame the damask silks and gives the feeling of the Baroque classical style see also entrance baroque style , while the small table with Rosa Portagallo marble completes the charming of this model.

Louis XV Moulded Arm Chair


     Louis XV Moulded Arm Chair


Antique French Louis XV Large Armchair

Large armchair from the beginning of the Louis XV period,

circa 1740.

Dimensions : 105 h x 71 w x 60 d cm.

Original : collection of an antiquarian in Gent (Belgium).


The shape of the arm-rest supports with their cube and the rare lightweight Rocaille carvings, make this fine chair reminiscent of the Antique Chair Regence style. But the solid curves and moulding mark the final evolution towards Antique Furniture Louis XV style.

The refined sobriety of this model, the strong design of the arm-rest supports and the dimensions which give it its grace and comfort will be noted. Similar models originally came from the south of France, although neither the Paris nor the Piedmont styles are absent.

     Marie Antoinette's Bed Versailles Palace in France




Antique Ottoman Settee

Antique Ottoman Settee Louis XV Style


Three-seater Ottoman by Delenoncourt,


around 1760


Dimensions of Antique Settee : H 140 x W 210 x D 75 cm


This Antique Ottoman From: Belgian Antiques Dealer


This sofa, or "Antique Ottoman" or Antique settee, is owed to the work of the french cabinet-maker Delenoncourt, who mastered his craft in 1752 and made many archaistic Regency-type chairs.


The very type of this antique corbeille chair demands a degree of virtuosity. Delenoncourt shows here his merit as a joiner possessing the canons of the style of his period, through the softened curves of the legs and the floral repertoire sculpted with art: hooks, peonies and roses, delicate foliage scrolls and subtle little flowers. Note the cross rails of the back and bolsters, visible and prettily designed on a type of chair that normally comes with hidden rails.

Louis XV Romance Chair

Antique Furniture Louis XV doghouse


Louis XV doghouse

Circa 1760.

Dimensions : 47 H x 56.5 W x 48.5 D cm.


Original : original document of the period.


This Louis XV chair can house a pet, cat or dog, and at the same time be used as an antique stool. Note the rare character of this object, its voluptuous curves and punctuations refining the outline, the entrance with a bended top bow, the generous dimensions, the legs ending in soft scrolls, so typical of the antique furniture Louis XVIII th century.

Louis XV entretoise Chair & Armchair




Louis XV entretoise Chair

Caned Louis XV chair around 1760.

Dimensions : 98 h x 50 w x 42 d cm.

Louis XV Entretoise Armchair

Louis XV armchair.

Dimensions : 96.5 h x 59.5 w x 50.5 d cm.


The elegance of this louis xv chair model comes from the special moulding of the back, which is very set back, the stretcher and the design of the crest rail evoking the Paris Regence style fashionable in Europe. Although the clasp and the acanthus carved at the top of the back of this reproduction furniture and in the centre of the rail recall the Regence style, they are typical of the late Louis XV style, as is the moulding, which has no flowers.


Antique Furniture Louis XV Bergere



Antique French Furniture Louis XV Bergere


Circa 1755 - 1760.


Dimensions : H 90 x L 59 x P 52 cm.


Original : Private Collection, Normandy.


Both genuine and gracious in its simplicity, this small occasional Antique Louis XV bergere is a good example of the French charm and grace under Louis XV Furniture Style.


It is very comfortable if more « solid » and offers an interesting alternative to the usual armchairs « en cabriolet ». Depicting an abbreviated stamp « NR », she presents an asymmetry on the front cross bars and leaves at the end of the cloven shoe. One can also see unusual carving and moulding of the feet.


Antique Furniture Cabriolet Louis XV Chair



Antique French Furniture Cabriolet Louis XV Armchair


Circa 1760.


Dimensions : H 90 x L 65 x P 51 cm.


The charm and originality of this small Louis XV armchair « en cabriole » shows itself in many ways. The projection of the crossing in the back of this antique french furniture , the moulding that curves and counter curves to finish in supremely elegant flowers, and the robust carving and dynamic architectural .


The armrest's beauty and The chair top rail embellished with a shell flanked by acanthus leaves is certainly contributing to this fluid elegance , Although this armchair not stamped , it can be linked to the works of antique furniture cabinet maker Louis Delanois or Pothier.

Reproduction Furniture Louis XV HairDressing Armchair



Antique Rerproduction Furniture Louis XV HairDressing Armchair


Queen’s-style grooming armchair,


around 1760


Dimensions : 81 H x 64 W x 55 D cm


Original : collection of a Brussels’s antique dealer


Simple and lively, this grooming Louis XV chair, also called chair (wig chair) or (hair-dressing chair), seems to have been designed to facilitate the dressing of a lady’s hair. The top rail of the back of this antique french furniture is designed to allow access to the head. Usually, it was cabriolet chairs that were in favour for this particular arrangement.


The simple moulding is enlivened by a bundle bound with stylised ribbon, which adds further elegance to this charming piece of antique furniture.


The general shape of the structural design and its finish are evocative of the simple works of the Gourdin dynasty or the more refined ones of a certain Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot.

Louis XVI Cane Chair



Antique Furniture Louis XVI Cane Ruban Chair


circa 1778- 1780.


Cane backed Louis XVI chair


Dimensions : 94 h x 53 w x 44 d cm.


The forms of the back and the seat, the design of the mouldings, the arrangements of the fluting and the sculpted ribbon tell us that this Paris chair comes to us from the early Louis XVI style, but, oddly enough, this piece of antique furniture a little before the exploits of the de Montgolfier brothers (1783). The rounded knees are also a sign of quality, and are said to originate from the wishes of Louis XVI who is said not to have wanted corners he might bump into.

Antique French Cabinet Louis XV Style 



Antique French Cabinet Louis XV Style Stamped by Joseph Baumhauer


French, Paris, about 1765


This Antique French Cabinet is made from Oak veneered with ebony, tulipwood, amaranth and Japanese cedar; kijimaki-e lacquer panels; gilt bronze; yellow jasper top


Dimensions : 11 1/4 in. x 11 3/8 in. x 11 1/8 in.


The combination of rare and expensive materials used on this Louis XV cabinet indicates that it was a particularly expensive commission. The four Japanese lacquer panels date from the mid- to late 1600s and were created with a technique known as kijimaki-e. For this type of lacquer, artisans sanded plain wood to heighten its strong grain and used it as the background of each panel. They then added the scenic elements of landscape, plants, and animals in raised lacquer. Although this technique was common in Japan, such large panels were rarely incorporated into Antique French eighteenth-century furniture. see also louis XVI Secretary as and example of using this type of antiquing technique.


Heavy Ionic pilasters, whose copper-filled flutes give an added rich color and contrast to the gilt-bronze mounts, flank the panels. Yellow jasper, a semiprecious stone, rather than the usual marble, forms the top.


Louis XV Table By André-Charles Boulle


Antique Louis XV Table By André-Charles Boulle


French, Paris, about 1680


This Antique Furniture Table is made from Oak veneered with ebony, tortoiseshell, pewter, brass, ivory, horn, various stained and natural woods; gilt bronze mounts

Dimensions : H: 8 1/4 in. x W: 9 7/8 in. x D: 2 in.


Because the recessed top of this antique reproduction table is removable, the table may also have been used as a stand for a cabinet. With naturalistic flowers and birds, the table's wood marquetry is of extremely high quality and was probably made by the royal cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle. The Antique table's designand the combination of marquetry made of wood and marquetry in tortoiseshell, pewter, brass, and ebony point to Boulle's particular specialties. The design of the table's border is the same as that on two jewel coffers made by Boulle.

Antique Large Armchair of Early Louis XV Era



Antique Large armchair of the early Louis XV era


Dimensions: 108 H * 78 W * 63 D cm


Seat height: 45 cm


Original: Private collection in Gent


This large Louis XV armchair with a vast comfort and inventive forms dates of approximately 1740-45, and seems destined to offer protection against drafts and heat of a blazing fire.


Meanwhile only the top of the armrests of this antique louis XV Armchair present sidepanels with harmonious designs and counter curves, while the line of the rails also corresponds to this repertory that we even find on the top of the back.


The profile breaks in a bended protrusion that finds its rhythm in the bended protrusion of the counter curves. This antique french furniture originality can also be found in the flawless and arched curves at the bottom of the legs at european reproduction furniture .


The very discrete and chisseled sculpting is the organ point that makes this a very high quality antique Louis XV reproduction armchair.

Hand Painted Antique Louis XV Commode


Hand Painted Antique Reproduction Louis XV Commode


Dimensions of hand painted antique commode : H: 37 inches D: 23 inches L: 48 inches


Reproduction Antique Furniture Louis XV style buffet Commode with distressed milk paint hand painted .

Antique Chest

Antique French Chest Louis XV Style


Country - France


Circa - 1900


Antique Chest Description


This Elegant antique French chest is antique furniture reproduction , bronze mounted, two drawer chest made of exotic veneers. Marble top with original mounts, locks and one key.

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