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Yellow Chest Of Drawers in Louis XV Style



French Louis xv style chest of drawers painted with  yellow patina and enriched with bronze in silver dark look , the chest has two drawers with brass hands .It is amazing piece and antiqued with special care of details so it looks like antique.

      Classic Sofa Set In Baroque Style Louis XV Period


All the elements of the classical sofa set are finely hand - carved our from solid wood and set decorations of supreme perfection.


The Elaborate profiles with antiqued gold foil finishing elegantly frame the damask silks and gives the feeling of the Baroque classical style see also entrance baroque style , while the small table with Rosa Portagallo marble completes the charming of this model.

Louis XV Moulded Arm Chair


     Louis XV Moulded Arm Chair


Antique French Louis XV Large Armchair

Large armchair from the beginning of the Louis XV period,

circa 1740.

Dimensions : 105 h x 71 w x 60 d cm.

Original : collection of an antiquarian in Gent (Belgium).


The shape of the arm-rest supports with their cube and the rare lightweight Rocaille carvings, make this fine chair reminiscent of the Antique Chair Regence style. But the solid curves and moulding mark the final evolution towards Antique Furniture Louis XV style.

The refined sobriety of this model, the strong design of the arm-rest supports and the dimensions which give it its grace and comfort will be noted. Similar models originally came from the south of France, although neither the Paris nor the Piedmont styles are absent.

     Marie Antoinette's Bed Versailles Palace in France




Antique Ottoman Settee

Antique Ottoman Settee Louis XV Style


Three-seater Ottoman by Delenoncourt,


around 1760


Dimensions of Antique Settee : H 140 x W 210 x D 75 cm


This Antique Ottoman From: Belgian Antiques Dealer


This sofa, or "Antique Ottoman" or Antique settee, is owed to the work of the french cabinet-maker Delenoncourt, who mastered his craft in 1752 and made many archaistic Regency-type chairs.


The very type of this antique corbeille chair demands a degree of virtuosity. Delenoncourt shows here his merit as a joiner possessing the canons of the style of his period, through the softened curves of the legs and the floral repertoire sculpted with art: hooks, peonies and roses, delicate foliage scrolls and subtle little flowers. Note the cross rails of the back and bolsters, visible and prettily designed on a type of chair that normally comes with hidden rails.

Louis XV Romance Chair

Antique Furniture Louis XV doghouse


Louis XV doghouse

Circa 1760.

Dimensions : 47 H x 56.5 W x 48.5 D cm.


Original : original document of the period.


This Louis XV chair can house a pet, cat or dog, and at the same time be used as an antique stool. Note the rare character of this object, its voluptuous curves and punctuations refining the outline, the entrance with a bended top bow, the generous dimensions, the legs ending in soft scrolls, so typical of the antique furniture Louis XVIII th century.

Louis XV entretoise Chair & Armchair




Louis XV entretoise Chair

Caned Louis XV chair around 1760.

Dimensions : 98 h x 50 w x 42 d cm.

Louis XV Entretoise Armchair

Louis XV armchair.

Dimensions : 96.5 h x 59.5 w x 50.5 d cm.


The elegance of this louis xv chair model comes from the special moulding of the back, which is very set back, the stretcher and the design of the crest rail evoking the Paris Regence style fashionable in Europe. Although the clasp and the acanthus carved at the top of the back of this reproduction furniture and in the centre of the rail recall the Regence style, they are typical of the late Louis XV style, as is the moulding, which has no flowers.


Antique Furniture Louis XV Bergere



Antique French Furniture Louis XV Bergere


Circa 1755 - 1760.


Dimensions : H 90 x L 59 x P 52 cm.


Original : Private Collection, Normandy.


Both genuine and gracious in its simplicity, this small occasional Antique Louis XV bergere is a good example of the French charm and grace under Louis XV Furniture Style.


It is very comfortable if more « solid » and offers an interesting alternative to the usual armchairs « en cabriolet ». Depicting an abbreviated stamp « NR », she presents an asymmetry on the front cross bars and leaves at the end of the cloven shoe. One can also see unusual carving and moulding of the feet.


Antique Furniture Cabriolet Louis XV Chair



Antique French Furniture Cabriolet Louis XV Armchair


Circa 1760.


Dimensions : H 90 x L 65 x P 51 cm.


The charm and originality of this small Louis XV armchair « en cabriole » shows itself in many ways. The projection of the crossing in the back of this antique french furniture , the moulding that curves and counter curves to finish in supremely elegant flowers, and the robust carving and dynamic architectural .


The armrest's beauty and The chair top rail embellished with a shell flanked by acanthus leaves is certainly contributing to this fluid elegance , Although this armchair not stamped , it can be linked to the works of antique furniture cabinet maker Louis Delanois or Pothier.

Reproduction Furniture Louis XV HairDressing Armchair



Antique Rerproduction Furniture Louis XV HairDressing Armchair


Queen’s-style grooming armchair,


around 1760


Dimensions : 81 H x 64 W x 55 D cm


Original : collection of a Brussels’s antique dealer


Simple and lively, this grooming Louis XV chair, also called chair (wig chair) or (hair-dressing chair), seems to have been designed to facilitate the dressing of a lady’s hair. The top rail of the back of this antique french furniture is designed to allow access to the head. Usually, it was cabriolet chairs that were in favour for this particular arrangement.


The simple moulding is enlivened by a bundle bound with stylised ribbon, which adds further elegance to this charming piece of antique furniture.


The general shape of the structural design and its finish are evocative of the simple works of the Gourdin dynasty or the more refined ones of a certain Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot.

Louis XVI Cane Chair



Antique Furniture Louis XVI Cane Ruban Chair


circa 1778- 1780.


Cane backed Louis XVI chair


Dimensions : 94 h x 53 w x 44 d cm.


The forms of the back and the seat, the design of the mouldings, the arrangements of the fluting and the sculpted ribbon tell us that this Paris chair comes to us from the early Louis XVI style, but, oddly enough, this piece of antique furniture a little before the exploits of the de Montgolfier brothers (1783). The rounded knees are also a sign of quality, and are said to originate from the wishes of Louis XVI who is said not to have wanted corners he might bump into.

Antique French Cabinet Louis XV Style 



Antique French Cabinet Louis XV Style Stamped by Joseph Baumhauer


French, Paris, about 1765


This Antique French Cabinet is made from Oak veneered with ebony, tulipwood, amaranth and Japanese cedar; kijimaki-e lacquer panels; gilt bronze; yellow jasper top


Dimensions : 11 1/4 in. x 11 3/8 in. x 11 1/8 in.


The combination of rare and expensive materials used on this Louis XV cabinet indicates that it was a particularly expensive commission. The four Japanese lacquer panels date from the mid- to late 1600s and were created with a technique known as kijimaki-e. For this type of lacquer, artisans sanded plain wood to heighten its strong grain and used it as the background of each panel. They then added the scenic elements of landscape, plants, and animals in raised lacquer. Although this technique was common in Japan, such large panels were rarely incorporated into Antique French eighteenth-century furniture. see also louis XVI Secretary as and example of using this type of antiquing technique.


Heavy Ionic pilasters, whose copper-filled flutes give an added rich color and contrast to the gilt-bronze mounts, flank the panels. Yellow jasper, a semiprecious stone, rather than the usual marble, forms the top.


Louis XV Table By André-Charles Boulle


Antique Louis XV Table By André-Charles Boulle


French, Paris, about 1680


This Antique Furniture Table is made from Oak veneered with ebony, tortoiseshell, pewter, brass, ivory, horn, various stained and natural woods; gilt bronze mounts

Dimensions : H: 8 1/4 in. x W: 9 7/8 in. x D: 2 in.


Because the recessed top of this antique reproduction table is removable, the table may also have been used as a stand for a cabinet. With naturalistic flowers and birds, the table's wood marquetry is of extremely high quality and was probably made by the royal cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle. The Antique table's designand the combination of marquetry made of wood and marquetry in tortoiseshell, pewter, brass, and ebony point to Boulle's particular specialties. The design of the table's border is the same as that on two jewel coffers made by Boulle.

Antique Large Armchair of Early Louis XV Era



Antique Large armchair of the early Louis XV era


Dimensions: 108 H * 78 W * 63 D cm


Seat height: 45 cm


Original: Private collection in Gent


This large Louis XV armchair with a vast comfort and inventive forms dates of approximately 1740-45, and seems destined to offer protection against drafts and heat of a blazing fire.


Meanwhile only the top of the armrests of this antique louis XV Armchair present sidepanels with harmonious designs and counter curves, while the line of the rails also corresponds to this repertory that we even find on the top of the back.


The profile breaks in a bended protrusion that finds its rhythm in the bended protrusion of the counter curves. This antique french furniture originality can also be found in the flawless and arched curves at the bottom of the legs at european reproduction furniture .


The very discrete and chisseled sculpting is the organ point that makes this a very high quality antique Louis XV reproduction armchair.

Hand Painted Antique Louis XV Commode


Hand Painted Antique Reproduction Louis XV Commode


Dimensions of hand painted antique commode : H: 37 inches D: 23 inches L: 48 inches


Reproduction Antique Furniture Louis XV style buffet Commode with distressed milk paint hand painted .

Antique Chest

Antique French Chest Louis XV Style


Country - France


Circa - 1900


Antique Chest Description


This Elegant antique French chest is antique furniture reproduction , bronze mounted, two drawer chest made of exotic veneers. Marble top with original mounts, locks and one key.

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