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French Empire Dinning Room

Complete Set Of French Empire Dinning Room

This Set of French Empire dining room is Elegance in wood carving and craftsmanship. Solid brass and gold foil highlight this incredible collection it includes empire dining table , buffet , buffet mirror , French empire chair , Vitrine and empire armchair.

        Empire Style Bedroom Set



Antique Classic Reproduction Bedroom furniture set inspired by the Late Empire Style . Made from cherry wood veneers and bronze work finished in artisan French gold.


Empire Bedroom Furniture Set include the following items :


Empire King Size Bed : 87" W x 48" H x 101" L


Empire Panel : 153"W x 4"D x 97"H


Empire Bed Side Tables : 24" W x 18" D x 29" H


Empire Bench : 77”W x 28”D x 28”H


Empire 10 Drawer Dresser : 63" W x 22" D x 35" H

Empire Dresser Mirror : 49" W x 38" H

Empire Dressing Table : 59"W x 20"D x 35"H

French Empire Stool : 18"W x 13"D x 19"H


Empire TV cabinet : 53"W x 24"D x 80"H


Empire 6 drawer cabinet : 32"W x 19"D x 48"H


Empire table lamps : 19"W x 13"D x 30"H

Empire dressing mirror : 31"W x 12"D x75"H

Empire low flower stand: 14"W x 14"D x 28"H

 Empire Style Antique Furniture Chairs (1804-1815)



Empire chairs (1804-1815)



The reign of Napoleon I was short but it gave a boost to the economy. Bonaparte surrounded himself with great architects and artisans. Décor was predominantly in the classical Greco-Roman or the Egyptian style and symmetry was emphasised. Wood was complemented by bronze inlays (palms and palm-leaves, rosettes, stars, laurel-wreaths). The style was austere, but not without splendour.


Functional shapes, circles, squares and rectangles, were appropriate to the fashions in clothing. Chairs were heavy, with scarcely-curving backs. X-shaped folding stools reappeared. New designs included the gondola chair with its scrolled back ; the « Paumier » or chimney-corner chair, an angled armchair ; and the Récamier day-bed intended for resting.


Georges Jacob and his descendants remained prominent, alongside Bellangé and Marcion. Sphinxes, gryphons, caryatids, lion-heads and dolphins evoked classical antiquity. Polished mahogany, picked out in gold leaf, was in use until the blockade of 1806 against England and the ban on the import of Central American woods. Springs made their first appearance in upholstery , which became very sophisticated. The silk-weaver’s art reached its peak. Fabrics were adorned with motifs suggesting the Empire (capital Ns, eagles, daggers,…;).

              Antique French Chanderlier Empire Style





Antique French Empire Style Chandelier Patinated Bronze


Circa , 1890


Dimensions of antique french chandelier : Height: 30-1/2" Diameter: 26"


Country - France


Material - Bronze, Gilt Bronze, Patinated Bronze


this antique French Empire Chandelier from 19th Century. Nine Light fixture made of Gilt Bronze, Bronze and Patinated Bronze.

Antique French Console Empire Style




French Empire Gildwood Carved Console Table


the "D" shaped top raised by a pair of sitting winged sphinxes with notched corners over a conforming frieze centered by a pierced carved Satyr's mask with foliate swags above a mirrored trefoil backboard centered by a flowering urn adorned by chimera, raised on a shaped base, fitted with a Verde d'alps marble top.


Antique Consoles Circa: Paris, 1870

Dimensions : Height: (99 cm) Width: (122 cm) Depth:(57 cm)

     Antique French Empire Chair


Antique Empire chair


circa 1805-1810.

Dimensions : 95 h x 50 w x 43 d cm.

Seat height : 47 cm.


This pure Antique French Empire chair, with a powerful yet not heavy look, is typical for the taste of the early 19th century which is inspired by the Etruscan style and furthermore and mainly by the discoveries of Napoleon in the Egyptian expeditions. Firmly balanced on the back legs in the shape of sabres, this chair offers us turned front legs with ornamented extremities in the shape of stylised lotus leaves. This motif is repeated in the extremities and middle of the

horizontal lictor bundles that cover the backrest. The simple and refined moulding that runs along the rails is deliberately simple and does not tarnish the reputation

of the author. We notice in the same way the wanted simplicity of the joints.


Finished, be it painted, be it in waxed mahogany, she possesses inventory numbers in the interior of the rails of the original model which proves the official origin. It could be attributed to Bellangé, Marcion or Jacob- Desmalter.

       Empire Chair And ArmChair


Empire Style chair, circa 1810-1815.

Dimensions : 95 h x 52 w x 46 d cm.


This chair is typical of the Empire period in its water lilies in the form of rolled lotus leaves punctuating the ends of the slightly curved cresting rail. Below, the splat is sculpted with Empire rosettes and a sheaf of bound laurels. Its generous dimensions give it strength while its studied forms give it its elegance.



Empire Style Armchair, circa 1810-1815.


Dimensions : 95 h x 58 w x 52 d cm.


Of the same model as the previous chair, this armchair has all its qualities and generosity. It differs in its arm-rests, which very prettily continue the line of their curved supports, and are ornamented with a very fine sculpture of stylized lotus leaves.



Empire Stye Seat

A Suite of Empire style enriched with gilt bronze mounted that greatly matched the colors of the fabric , this mahogany seat furniture made in the 20th century with the Egyptian chair Revival taste

Empire Style French Console


French Empire console


This French empire console expression of the French style period between 1800 and 1815 decorated with brass and finished in French Patina


The Empire Console include these items :


Empire Console : 54"W x 32"H x 18" D


Empire Mirror : 49"W x 39"H


you can explore empire style models like empire living room , empire bedroom , empire antique chair in these models you will notice that Egyptian style furniture is emphasized in symmetry and the wood complemented by brass

Empire Living Room Furniture



Empire style living room finished with brass decoration and walnut color

    The french living room include the following items :


Empire 3 Seat Sofa : 38" H x 82" W x 33" D


Empire 2 Seat Sofa : 38" H x 67" W x 33" D

Empire Arm Chair : 38" H x 46" W x 33" D


mpire Center Table : 20" H x 58" L x 37" W

Empire Lamp Table : 25" H x 28" L x 20" W




Empire Couch : 81.5”W x 24.4”D x 34.3”H

Empire Partition Cabinet : 54.4”W x 16.1”D x 83.1”H

Empire High Floor Cabinet : 74.8”W x 22.8”D x 30.7”H

Empire Table Lamp : 18.9''W x 12.6"D x 29.5"H

Empire Floor Lamp : Ø20.8" x 71.3"H

Empire Flower Stand : 14.2"W x 14.2"D x 39"H

If you would like to buy these elegant furniture.Please send email direct to my email at : [email protected]


Thanks Best Regards,

Miss Jenny

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